Commercial Equipment Financing

Commercial Equipment Financing

The Capital Hands team is composed of business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals just like you. Our business financing experts know you need equipment to move your business forward and need a creative solution to pay for that equipment. Whether you are looking to solve an operational challenge or grow your business, we want to help you.


Capital Hands provides business equipment financing services in Canada, and throughout North America. We take a consultative approach to understand your business’s strategic financing needs, including its budget, use of equipment, and how the equipment will affect your business.

Our holistic approach to your immediate financing needs allows us to get the right result for you and your business. Start financing equipment with Capital Hands today.

Commercial Equipment Financing Services in Canada

The variety of equipment we can finance for your business includes, but is not limited to:


Transportation Financing

Capital Hands offers transportation financing options for various industries and vehicles. Consider using our financing solutions for your transportation financing needs:


Trucks & Trailers

We offer trailer and truck leases, loans, and financing services to help businesses invest in any business vehicles they may need to fulfil their daily operations.

Major Repairs

Repairs for things like engine rebuilds and tires can get costly. We provide financing solutions for your major repair and maintenance needs.

Choices: Get Your Varied Needs Met

Tarping systems and major attachments are essential for the functionality of your equipment. If you’re looking to enhance your equipment, it can be financed.


Get money from the assets you already have with our refinancing services. Refinancing is a great financing option for low-interest rates, debt consolidation, tax relief, and ameliorating cash flow. Refinancing can also help to reduce your monthly payments.

Equipment Lease Financing

In addition to providing leases, our equipment lease financing services also include lease transfers.

Collateral Mortgages

We can help you get money from your home for a down payment or to pay for your truck or trailer with our financing solutions.

Manufacturing Financing

We offer heavy equipment financing for manufacturing companies in need of heavy machinery. Our manufacturing financing helps industrial businesses and others to cover:



  • CNC Machinery
  • Laser Sintering Machines
  • Casting machines
  • Foundry equipment
  • Mills
  • Etc.

Construction & Construction Services

Capital Hands is prepared to provide you with construction equipment financing solutions for investments like:



  • Dump trucks
  • Waste collection
  • All types of construction equipment
  • Tools
  • Refinancing

Small to Medium-Sized Business

There are no equipment financing requests too big or too small for Capital Hands. We provide equipment financing solutions for both small and medium-sized businesses. Consider our business financing solutions for tools and equipment like:

  • Spa equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Technical equipment
  • Hardware & software
  • Office furniture & equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Garages (tools & equipment)
  • Retail (point of sale equipment)
  • Restaurants (point of sale, equipment, food trucks)
  • Sports arenas & related equipment
  • Golf courses

Additional Options for Equipment Financing [H3]

We pride ourselves in providing equipment financing options in Canada for industries and services of all kinds. Consider the wide range of equipment for which we offer financing solutions to help keep your business operating:

The Benefits of Commercial Equipment Financing


Business equipment financing is an efficient business financing solution as it provides you with the equipment, machinery, and tools you need without you having to wait to have the money on hand to pay for them in full.


Obtaining an equipment lease or loan gives you the flexibility to use the equipment you need at the rate you need. This way, you don’t need to wait to facilitate essential equipment upgrades or repairs; you can obtain them as needed.

Increase Productivity:

By obtaining the equipment that your business needs when you need it, you can increase your overall productivity. Financing removes the need to halt operations and helps you to maintain your current processes and production.

Increase Your Capital:

With the help of an equipment loan, you can obtain the high-quality equipment your business needs to ensure maximum productivity and service quality. This equipment can help you increase your productivity to make more profit to pay off your loan and claim ownership of the given machinery. It is also important to note that this type of financing allows you to make money while paying off the equipment, instead of your business's bank account needing to take an upfront hit.

Protect Any Business Lines of Credit:

With equipment financing, you eliminate the need to tap into your business line of credit or any other credit lines. That said, Capital Hands does provide business lines of credit for your commercial needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Equipment Financing

We’re extremely proud to say that we’ve been able to diversify and expand our services over the years. Today, we don’t just offer equipment financing. We also offer:

Equipment financing is a type of lease or loan provided to businesses to help them purchase equipment, machinery, or tools needed for their operations. This can include anything ranging from a factory machine to a photocopier.

The way equipment financing works is that you are provided with a loan to cover the costs of needed equipment for your business. Then, the cost is paid back periodically with interest. Once the loan is paid in full, you have ownership of the equipment.

You can finance a wide range of equipment ranging from heavy machinery to office supplies. Equipment financing is meant to help businesses obtain whatever size or scope of equipment they need to maintain their daily operations.

At Capital Hands, we work with you to create an equipment financing rate that works for your business to ensure you can make your payments.

Our equipment financing rates depend on a variety of factors that are unique to each business. Leave us a message to get a quote specifically catered to your business’s needs.

Get in touch with Capital Hands to learn about your equipment financing options. We will help you choose the best option for your business’s unique needs.