Refinancing & Asset Based Lending in Canada

Fair Asset Based Lending Rates

Did you know it’s possible to invest money into your business using the assets you already have? We can help you take what you own, and leverage the equity in your assets to get you the money you need.

At Capital Hands, we offer financial help for business owners that can help you grow (or save) your business.

We provide refinancing and asset based lending to help you leverage the equity in your:

  • Truck or other vehicles
  • Properties and homes (residential and commercial)
  • Excavator, bulldozer, dump truck, or other heavy construction equipment
  • Inventory
  • CNC machinery
  • Heavy equipment of nearly any kind
  • Accounts receivable
  • Much, much more

Let us help you build your business!

Asset Based Lending vs. Canada’s Banks and Primary Lenders

It’s no secret that the major banks and primary lenders have the most stringent lending criteria, which makes them pretty much unavailable to most business owners.

The big banks may say no to you, based on your perceived lack of:

  • History
  • Income
  • Credit history

At the same time, applying for a loan or a line of credit from a major lender can take weeks, or even months. The application process is often incredibly detailed and intrusive. Preparing all of the documents properly can often become a full-time job in itself. And, at the end of all that work, you may still get denied. Hardworking business owners don’t have the time, or resources, to waste on this.

Capital Hands understands the struggles that business owners face every day. That’s why we’re willing to work with you to get you the money your business needs to survive and grow.

Our asset based lending is not based on your business’ past credit history, income, or ratios. It’s based on what you presently have and the assets you already own.

Refinancing Options for Canada’s Businesses

Maybe you entered into expensive financing and you want to find a better rate. We have already helped a number of businesses with refinancing in Mississauga and Toronto, as well as across Ontario and the rest of Canada!

Our refinancing options help you cut down on monthly expenses and open up more cash flow. Stop overpaying! A better rate may just be a phone call away. Contact us today and let us show you your options.