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Business Loans, Truck & Trailer Loans, Equipment Financing & More

At Capital Hands, we are a seasoned team of business financing professionals based in Canada with 35 years of experience combined. We bring you hands-on experience and years of knowledge. We can crunch the numbers, but we can also relate to your personal and business financing needs.

We’re consumers, just like you, and we are entrepreneurs and business owners. Our team has worked in countless industries, including trucking, railroading, marketing, advertising, accounting, financing and law.

The Capital Hands team shares this knowledge with you to help demystify financing. If you would like assistance navigating the financial jungle, we will walk you through the process from beginning to end.

Why Choose Capital Hands?

When it comes to equipment financing and leasing, there are many smart minds and financing companies out there. At Capital Hands, we are proud to be leaders and experts in business financing. Choose Capital Hands for your business financing solutions in Canada.

Efficiency: Streamline Your Process

We make it easy for you to get the funds you need fast. We eliminate the need for an exhausting mountain of paperwork and long wait times to get an approval.

Know-How: Experienced in Business Financing Solutions

Been there, done that – we get it. We’ve been doing it for over 35 years! We are financially savvy and boast ample first-hand experience with business financing. At Capital Hands, we are both boardroom-confident and worksite-ready.

Choices: Get Your Varied Needs Met

At Capital Hands, we accommodate consumer and business financial needs of all sizes and scopes. Large and small businesses are both welcome! We finance businesses in almost all industries and stages of business. If it can be bought, it can be financed — almost always! Make us your choice for business and consumer financing.

Agile: Get Speedy & Detail-Oriented Services

Our speed, efficiency, and attention to detail enable us to provide agile services. We work to meet your deadline. Have peace of mind knowing that we will make sure your financial needs, including terms, pricing, and structure, are all accommodated when you choose us for your financing solutions.

Customer Satisfaction: Get a High Level of Customer Service

We go above and beyond just funding equipment to help business owners understand how to financially optimize their operations and strategically fund their growth.

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Industries we serve

Capital Hands brings you lease and loan financing for Trucks and Trailers, Construction, Retail, Food Services, Manufacturing, Hospitality, and more. 

We also work in small business loans, so whether your business needs money for that next big project or daily operations, we can work with you to get it. We are proud to offer financing services for businesses of different sizes and industries.

Equipment Financing

At Capital Hands, we know businesses in countless industries require equipment to advance their operations, productivity and success. We provide equipment financing services as a creative solution to help you pay for your equipment and move your business forward.


We offer transportation equipment financing for: Trucks & Trailers (truck & trailer loans) Major Repairs Refinance Collateral Mortgages for downpayments and equipment purchases Lease Transfers Tarping Systems & Major Attachments & More


The manufacturing industry relies on equipment and machinery to advance productivity. We offer our equipment financing for equipment purchases, including: CNC Machinery Laser Sintering Machines Casting Machines Foundry Equipment Mills Etc.

Construction & Construction Services

Construction is another industry that relies on access to heavy machinery to work successfully and productively. Get financing for construction equipment including: Dump Trucks Waste collection Construction Equipment Tools Refinancing

Small to Medium-Sized Business

Small to medium-sized businesses require equipment, tools, and supplies for everyday operations. We offer financing for supplies and equipment, including:

  • Spa Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Technical Equipment
  • Hardware & Software
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Office Supplies
  • Garages (Tools & Equipment)
  • Retail (Point of Sale Equipment)
  • Restaurants (Point of Sale, Equipment, Food Trucks)
  • Sports Arenas & Related Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Aviation (Aircraft Financing)
  • Alternative Energy Products (Solar Panels, Generators, Wind Turbine)
  • Golf courses


Factoring is a product that eliminates the waiting game you play with clients for them to pay their bills. Factoring helps to get you paid immediately for your receivables. We work with different types of businesses to find the product that best suits their unique needs.

  • Get paid immediately for your accounts receivable
  • All industries served (Transportation, construction, manufacturing, distribution, temporary employment services, etc.)

Business Lines of Credit and Term Loans

Capital Hands provides business loans to businesses of different sizes and industries. Learn the benefits of utilizing our business lines of credit and term loans.

  • Term loans for small to medium-sized businesses (up to $500K)
  • Alternative to primary lender or complimentary to primary lender
  • Asset-backed line of credit (Accounts receivable, equipment, property, inventory, etc.)

Refinancing and Leveraging of Assets

When you refinance your assets, you can leverage the equity you have already invested.  Consider the capabilities and benefits that come with refinancing and leveraging your assets with Capital Hands.

  • Obtain money for assets you own or in which you have equity
  • Refinance some or all assets (equipment, property, homes, commercial buildings, etc.)
  • Consolidate debt, pay the CRA, generate operating capital

Consumer Financing

Even if you are not a business owner, we can provide you with financing services. Consider our consumer financing abilities for big ticket-purchases, including: