Private Mortgages Lenders

Private Mortgages That Work For You

Have you been denied a bank loan or a mortgage from a major bank recently? You’re not alone! New housing regulations and stress tests are making it harder than ever for everyday working people to get a mortgage in Canada.

Private mortgages could be the answer for a lot of people who have been turned away by major banks and other lenders. Our mortgage solutions are perfect for people looking to:

  • Buy their first home
  • Buy a new home
  • Renew a mortgage or get a second mortgage

Just because the bank says “no,” doesn’t mean there is no hope. Let us show you what’s possible. Speak to one of our financing experts today!

Where to Find Private Mortgages

We are now seeing tougher-than-ever lending standards by the big banks.

Hardworking families still need mortgages, even if they are dealing with:

  • Damaged credit history or no credit history in Canada
  • Limited savings/ down payment
  • Lower-income or net worth

We’re here for people who just need a little bit of help getting a mortgage, but can’t get that help from a big bank or lender. We have already helped people secure private mortgages in Mississauga and Toronto, as well as across all of Ontario and Canada.

Private Mortgage Lenders vs Canada’s Big Banks

Major banks are heavily regulated, which means they have to maintain rigid lending standards. In fact, when you sit down in a major bank with a loan officer, that person actually has no say in whether or not you’re approved. They can’t lobby on your behalf. They are merely collecting your financial information so it can be entered into a steadfast mathematical formula that all banks have to follow.

Fortunately, that’s not how we work! Private lenders for mortgages aren’t as highly regulated, so we can see you as much more than just a number. We’re more interested in your future than your past. We understand that you may not be exactly where you want to be right now. But that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a home to call your own.